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Division of Interdisciplinary Design
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My name is Clarke MacDonald. I graduated from NSCAD in 1999. Since then, I have been a practicing designer and illustrator, primarily freelance. The nature of my work is that of an interdisciplinary designer. Big projects, small projects, team projects, and individual ones. Each, often requiring specific skills and outcomes. I’m a published illustrator. I’ve designed book covers. I’ve built displays and floats. I’ve worked on trade shows, coded websites, shot videos, and developed marketing campaigns. I’ve provided a full range of design services to a variety of businesses, large and small, throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond. It’s been a fun career so far. Plenty of variety, learning curves, and technical challenges along the way. Illustration has always played an important role in the way I’ve approached my work. With children’s books, the illustrations are the final outcome. With other projects, illustration has been a valuable tool in the development of concepts, visual approaches, planning, and communicating ideas. As an instructor at NSCAD, I try to bring to my classes both the experience of being a practicing designer/illustrator and an overall enthusiasm for the creative process.