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<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Marilyn McAvoy
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Division of Fine Arts, Drawing
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My “Art Training” began with studies at the University of Guelph before completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

While in school I majored in Printmaking and Drawing. Shortly after graduating I moved on to Painting as my primary practice. Painting and Drawing continues to inform my work today.

For a number of years my art practice found it’s way into working on films, in the Scenic Painting Department. These were exciting times that relied heavily on my own drawing and painting background and skills.

Throughout my career I have been supported by  Canada Council and Arts NS grants. I was a finalist in the 2003 RBC New Painting Competition and my painting practice has spanned over 30 years with exhibitions in many galleries, both commercial and public, across Canada and the United States.

Prior to post secondary school I had been a competitor  Figure Skater and took 2 years off between Art School studies to work as a Figure Skating Coach. When asked about my art practice, I often discuss a need to have painting challenges which are technically demanding as well as playful and expressive. I believe this comes from figure skating and the balance I found between  “free style” and “compulsory figures” disciplines.

Teaching has always been a constant companion to my own art practice, one which is inspirational and insightful. I’m a huge believer in the importance of “Drawing”. Regardless of where your aspirations lead you, it is necessary to be able to learn how to Draw but  first comes “learning to see”. Only then is creativity and artistic freedom possible.