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<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">WHY STUDY AT NSCAD

NSCAD is a place for curious minds to freely explore. A place for critical thinkers who never tire of asking Why? What for? What if?
At NSCAD, curiosity is the spark that ignites everything. Many students report that their time here completely shaped the way they think. It changed their lives. It will change yours too.

<ӣƵ>NSCAD University is no ordinary art institution.

Not only will you receive a rigorous, interdisciplinary educational experience, but you will belong to a vibrant creative community recognized globally for its impact on art, craft, and design. Connecting you with award-winning faculty, you will learn the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the creative industries, where you will become leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts in your fields. ӣƵ approach includes the integration of arts, culture and community engagement, to create a place where students thrive in a learning environment committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and academic excellence. Year after year, our halls are filled with new faces who share the same fire.

We hope to see you here.

Thirteen reasons to choose NSCAD.

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NSCAD students are passionate, committed, and hard working. Through in-class critiques led by acclaimed faculty, they engage in critical discussion and are encouraged to examine ideas from a variety of perspectives.

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NSCAD is welcoming and inclusive. ӣƵ students have diverse backgrounds and join us from all over Canada and the world, making for a community that emphasizes and encourages crosscultural understanding.

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Faculty members challenge and support students to do their very best work. ӣƵ professors are designers and artists themselves and maintain active practices that inform their teaching.

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NSCAD values curiosity, creative exploration, and risk-taking. The student experience is enriched with the freedom to try new art forms and combine them in exciting ways.

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Students can include an exchange semester at a partner university as part of their degree. NSCAD collaborates with 70+ art and design schools in the United States, the U.K., Norway, Portugal, Japan, Korea, and Australia, to name a few, giving students the opportunity to learn and grow in international settings.

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ӣƵ facilities are outstanding, offering students 24-hour access to new technology and traditional practices at three downtown campuses. NSCAD has everything from personal studio space for introductory painting students to high efficiency, computer-controlled Blaauw kilns for ceramics students, and professional lighting and grip gear for our film students.

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Anna Leonowens Gallery Systems is the beating heart of the NSCAD community, organizing more than 125 shows a year, the majority featuring work by undergraduates. It’s a place to see and experience art, to socialize, share, and learn.

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A NSCAD education leads to a rewarding, creative career. ӣƵ alumni can be found working across Canada and internationally, in many fields and disciplines.

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NSCAD hosts and participates in events throughout the year that unite the community. The Student Art Award, NSCAD Fashion Show, Wearable Art Show, Artist for a Day, NSCAD Film Festival, Graduation Exhibition, and solo and department exhibitions all engage students and promote their work.

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NSCAD’s Portfolio Days are held on campus in the autumn and winter. Prospective students, friends, and family members are invited to get to know us better through tours, talks, and portfolio reviews.

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NSCAD faculty, students, and alumni take leading roles in Halifax events such as Nocturne: Art at Night, Open City, and Culture Days. NSCAD has contributed to the vibrancy of our coastal community since organizing the ‘World’s Faire’ back in 1888.

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Through public lecture series, masterclasses and residencies, we invite world-renowned artists to visit NSCAD and share their expertise with students, staff, faculty, and the greater Halifax community. NSCAD’s community studio residency programs in Lunenburg, New Glasgow, Dartmouth, and Sydney also host guest lectures open to the public.

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NSCAD awards more than $400,000 in scholarship funding to students per year. On-campus employment is valued at more than $140,000 annually. Student travel subsidies and other grants are valued at $35,000 per year. Entrance scholarships ranging from $500 to $9000 are awarded annually. Several are renewable for each year of study. The Manager of Financial Aid and Student Counselling assists registered students and prospective students in their efforts to secure sufficient funds to finance their education through the resources of provincial student assistance offices, the university’s financial assistance program, and other outside agencies. If students require advice in regard to financial matters, they should consult the manager.


Of alumni believed the
theories and skills learned
at NSCAD prepared them
to succeed in their
chosen field.


Of alumni found their
NSCAD degree to be a
good investment.


Of alumni agreed that
NSCAD played an important
role in their development
as people.