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NSCAD Student Art Award 2023


NSCAD University is proud to present the NSCAD Student Art Award. This celebration of achievement rewards talented NSCAD students with one $5,000 purchase grand prize, and nine $1,000 best-in-category prizes. The grand prize winning artwork will also be added to the President’s Art Bank, part of NSCAD University’s permanent collection. This premier award provides young artists with vital visibility as they embark on their careers.

Previously known as the “Starfish Student Art Award”, this award was established byproperty developer and art collector Louis Reznick and NSCAD University to recognize andpromote exceptional students. The award celebrates top talent across tendisciplines at the university.

The ten nominated works are exhibited at a special one-night gala event, where an external jury will vote on the winning work.

Thank you for joining us at this year’s Gala! Congratulations to all the nominees, and to Kate Solar, the 2023 grand prize winner.

Kate Solar, 2023 Student Art Award Grand Prize Winner

NSCAD UniversityisthrilledtoannounceBachelor of Fine Arts (majorinfilm)student Kate Solar asthe grand prize winner of the 2023 NSCAD Student Art Award.

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NSCAD announces the 2023 Student Art Award finalists

NSCAD is excited to announce the ten finalists of the 2023 NSCAD Student Art Award. This award recognizes and promotes exceptional work made by NSCAD students across ten disciplines at the university.

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