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Alumni Association


President: Ashley Delaney (BDes 2006)
Vice-President: Rachel Castellano (BFA 2010)
Secretary/Treasurer: Bruce Sparks (BFA 1977)
Member-at-Large: Robin Jensen (BFA 1996)
Member-at-Large: Ken Rice (BFA 2005)
Member-at-Large: Akshay Tagyi (BFA 2008)
Member-at-Large: Ho Yung Wu (BFA 2007)
Member-at-Large: Dayna Sharkey (BDes 1996 / BFA 1996)
Member-at-Large: Rob Shaw (VAC 2015 / MDes 2016)


NSCAD President: Dr. Peggy Shannon
SUNSCAD President: Currently vacant


Dayna Sharkey (BDes 1996 / BFA 1996)
Ken Rice (BFA 2005)

Meeting Schedule

March 9, 2021
May 11, 2021
July 13, 2021
September 14, 2021 (AGM)

Meet the President
Ashley Delaney (BDes 2006)

Thank you to those who made time to participate in this year’s NSCAD Alumni Association AGM. As I enter my second year on the Board, I am thrilled and honoured to be your newly elected President.

In this new role, I am committed to representing our community alongside a passionate group of new and returning Board members. Together, we will look to continue to create strong connections, to seek out ways to support this community, and to celebrate our collective and proud NSCAD roots.

I welcome you to connect, reach out, share your thoughts, accomplishments, questions. I’m looking forward to working with you, learning more about what you do, where you are in your journey, and how we can help.

Meet the Board
Ken Rice
(BFA 2005)

I am excited to be writing this month’s segment on behalf of the NSCAD Alumni Association. I am doubly proud to share with you that while I remain a Member-at-Large with our Alumni Association I am also one of two Alumni Representatives on the NSCAD Board of Governors –Dayna Sharkey (BDes/BFA 1996)is the other. I will often reach out to folks for your thoughts as I navigate questions put forward – I believe strongly in collaboration and welcome your feedback. If you have strong feelings on any subject affecting our Alumni, I ask you to reach out anytime.

During our recent AGM I put forward a motion to update our Bylaws. I am pleased to confirm that the motion was adopted to create anad hocCommittee who will explore the modernization of the Bylaws to reflect the diversity and geographical representation of our members. As well we will look at modernizing language and processes which reflect an ever-increasing virtual world for which we live and work in. The Committee will consist of members of the University and the Association. We hope to have a document ready for review by the start of the new year and passed at a Special Meeting before the start of our next AGM.

Maybe you saw an invitation to attend an Alumni meetup in your city? NSCAD was recently in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, and New York. These events were well attended, and I know our Advancement office enjoys reengaging with you. If you did not know about these events, send a note to to make sure your contact information is UpToDate.

Don’t forget to join us here in Halifax for the December Alumni Event. Hosted this year at the Former Art Bar located at 1873 Granville Street, Halifax, NS from 5-7 PM on December 7th.

I want to explore deeper one word I used above and that is proud. I continue to be proud of my NSCAD days both as a student and a former staff member. We worked hard to graduate, and this is something we can all take pride in. I have heard a lot of conversations lately regarding the struggles NSCAD students are facing as they navigate the educational landscape. As Alumni, I encourage you to share these struggles as NSCAD learns from the past and endeavours to become a leader in art education.

Ken Rice (BFA 2005)

Bruce Sparks (BFA 1977)
Secretary / Treasurer

Lives in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. He is an artist and art history educator at St. FX. Bruce studied photography at NSCAD. This is his first term on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. He is former NSCAD Board of Governors Alumni Association representative.

Robin Jensen (BFA 1996)

Lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Robin is serving her second term on the board. She is an art educator with HRCE and is currently working on her MAAE at NSCAD. Robin is passionate about making schools a better place and supporting her fellow alumni.

Ken Rice (BFA 2005)
Member-at-Large & NSCAD Board of Governors Alumni Representative

Lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Ken studied photography while at NSCAD. He is a dedicated academic administrator. He worked for many years at NSCAD and now works at Dal. Ken is currently serving his first term on the board. His goal is to spearhead the modernization of the Alumni Association by-laws.

Rachel Castellano (BFA 2011)

Lives in Toronto, Ontario. She took an interdisciplinary approach to her time at NSCAD. Currently working as Director, Global Alumni Strategy at Queen’s University. Her goals are to connect and support alumni around the world. She also attended Dawson College and OCAD. Rachel is a podcast producer.

Akshay Tyagi (BFA 2008)

Lives in Mumbai, India. Works as a costume designer, stylist and fashion designer. Previously served as member-at large in the early 2000s. They travel around the world for work and want to help support and inspire NSCAD students and alumni. You can find an Art Work: NSCAD Alumni Talk featuring them

Ho Yung Wu (BFA 2007)

Lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia. He has worked as an architectural designer, curatorial assistant and is currently a visual merchandiser with Ikea. Ho’s goal is to learn more about the board, find ways to pitch in and help support a more connected Alumni Association membership.

Dayna Sharkey (BFA & BDes 1996)
Member-at-Large & NSCAD Board of Governors Alumni Representative

Lives in San Francisco, USA. A Executive Creative Director who works in branding, she did a work placement through NSCAD and ended up working in Paris. She has worked with brands such asPublications du Moniteur, Kenneth Cole, Gap and Amazon.

Rob Shaw (VAC 2015, MDes 2016)

Lives in Truro, Nova Scotia and Cable Head East, PEI. He is an artist and designer who works in digital mixed media and painting. He is looking forward to connecting with alumni and discussing his passion for art and design.


The NSCAD University Alumni Association is a dynamic, member-focused organization that aims to enrich the alumni experience and build the profile of its members and NSCAD University.


By facilitating communication and sponsoring a variety of alumni programs, events and benefits the NSCADUniversity Alumni Association:

  1. promotes a strong mutually beneficial relationship between alumni, NSCAD University, and the community;
  2. fosters an inclusive environment based on cooperation and fellowship;
  3. assists and advances present and future alumni in the pursuit of excellence;
  4. exerts influence as a valued partner on matters relevant to present and future alumni

Read our bylaws.

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Anna Lisa Shandro (BFA 2020)

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To draw attention to the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of art and design graduates, the NSCAD Alumni Association launched the I AM NSCAD campaign. Logos are provided in various sizes and types suitable for websites, social media (#IAMNSCAD), email signatures and more.

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Alumni Class Notes

Class Notes is your opportunity to reconnect with classmates and tell them what you’ve been up to since graduation. Share your news and updates by filling out the form and feel free to include links to your social networking profiles and websites.

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