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<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Adrian Fish
<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Associate Professor
Division of Media Arts, Photography

<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">CONTACT INFORMATION

Office Phone: 902 494 8265
Email: afish@nscad.ca

<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Background

Adrian Fish is a Toronto-born photo-based artist and educator currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Adrian holds an MFA from York University in Toronto, as well as undergraduate accreditation from OCAD University in Toronto and the Sheridan College in Oakville, ON. His work has been shown in numerous public institutions, artist-run centres and commercial galleries nationally in Calgary, Halifax, Hamilton, Ottawa and Winnipeg in Canada, as well as internationally in Atlanta, New York City, Columbus, Berlin, Copenhagen and Tokyo.


Adrian has been a drone pilot since 2017 and is a Transport Canada Small Advanced RPAS pilot and Flight Reviewer with the Canadian Drone Institute, where he sits on the Advisory Board.


Adrian’s work has been featured in publications such as Canadian Art, Vice Magazine and WIRED.com. Adrian is currently Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Media Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">CURRENT RESEARCH AND/OR CREATIVE PRACTICE

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS or drones) are a relatively new technology in a nascent stage of development. The ability to accurately maneuver a camera at high altitudes to inexpensively produce high-quality photographic imagery is a remarkably powerful technological development. The ability of RPAS to operate from these elevated perspectives – well above those previously made possible by stands, booms, scaffolds or tripods – invites many new subject explorations.


My research interest is in building an archive of RPAS images and videos that document the edges of urban/built environments. The Aesthetics of Infrastructure: Transportation is an exploration of the physical framework of the roads, buildings, intersections and parking lots of contemporary urban territory mingling with natural environments.


The images are presented on screens as moving stills – short video loops that offer insight into the organizations and patterns of the framework of urbanity.


The 2020 version of the project documents the reduced traffic activity of the major arteries around the HRM as a result of COVID-19 provincial state of emergency. The ongoing collection of ‘moving still’ videos can be shown at a variety of scales and contexts. The two-minute-long video clips can be viewed individually or stitched together and looped for an infinitely long viewing experience. The work can be shown as a physical projection, as an online installation, or shown individually on physical displays according to curatorial factors and considerations.


In 2019, the PHOT 2800: RPAS (Drone) Piloting for Media Artists class was introduced as the first Transport Canada compliant credit class in Canada, placing NSCAD on the cutting edge of new photographic technology and tools. It was offered in conjunction with the Canadian Drone Institute, and taught by Adrian Fish, who holds a Small Advanced RPAS licence and is a Transport Canada certified RPAS

<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">SIGNIFICANT PUBLICATIONS/EXHIBITIONS
2018 The Aesthetics of Infrastructure: Transportation (solo)

Loop Gallery

Toronto, ON

2017 Nova Scotia Art Bank Purchase Exhibition (juried)

Inverness County Centre for the Arts

Inverness, NS

2017 Censored (juried)

Copenhagen Photo Festival

Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 The Stasi Archives (solo) Featured Exhibition as part of Contact 17

Loop Gallery

Toronto, ON

2015 Vergnügungspark (solo)

Kunstraum Tapir

Berlin, Germany

2017 Feature Exhibition Catalogue

Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival Publication p. 195

Toronto, ON

2017 A Rare Look at the Archives of the German Secret Police

Wired Magazine, US Edition

2017 Berlin/Germany #Archive

Wired Magazine, Japanese Edition

2017 Inside East Berlin’s Humungous Cold War Surveillance Archive

Vice Creators Series,

US Edition