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<”£Ő“ ”∆Ķ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Anna Sprague
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Division of Media Arts, Expanded Media and Foundation
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Email: asprague@nscad.ca

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my name is anna sprague and i am a performance artist, creative facilitator, and rpt faculty member teaching in the foundation and media arts divisions at nscad university.  in tandem with my proclivity for evocative visual poetics, bizarre sculptural materials, outlandish costumes, and repetitive performative gestures, my studio practice employs creative collaboration and site-specific intervention as tools to critically engage with cultural landscapes and to explore notions of responsiveness, empathy and connection.  my creative practice resides at a point of confluence where poetry, competitive sport, science fairs, amateur astrology, community gardening, modern dance, construction sites, and summer camp skit-nights, meets radical crafting and contemporary theory.  supported by a rigorously intuitive and distinctly vague methodology, i see my work as a poetic anamnesis of repetition and movement Р  a practice propelled by my excitement for the latent performativity of all things.  i hold degrees in english literature (b.a mount allison university, sackville, nb) and interdisciplinary studio arts (b.f.a & m.f.a concordia university, montreal, qc).  i am a newfoundlander  with a love for lowercase letters and underwhelming coincidences.