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<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Emma Piirtoniemi
<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Technician
Division of Craft, Jewellery
<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">CONTACT INFORMATION

Phone: 902 494 8206
Email: emmapiirtoniemi@nscad.ca
Instagram: www.instagram.com/e__p___

<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">CURRENT RESEARCH AND/OR CREATIVE PRACTICE

Emma is inspired by jewellery’s ability to convey big ideas on an intimate scale, and views the discipline as an accessible art form in contemporary culture. Her work is often installation-based as she aims to connect through jewellery in both wearable and non-wearable contexts, bringing the innate intimacy of tactile objects to non-corporeal space. She seeks new ways of drawing her viewers ever closer, engaging them in contemplative experiences. Emma’s jewellery practice utilizes acrylic, glass, and metal materials. Her current research focuses on the environmental impacts of plastics, and how her own practice is implicated. The ugly and beautiful truths of this seductive material collide in her carved and heat-formed acrylic works.

<ӣƵ class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">SIGNIFICANT PUBLICATIONS/EXHIBITIONS

2020-2021 Editor, New Vernacular exhibition catalogue, MetalAid Canadian Art Jewellery Network
2020 Mass Wasting exhibition, Craft Ontario Gallery, Toronto, ON
2020 English Copy Editor, Paysage de l’intime exhibition catalogue
2017-2020 Artist-in-Residence, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON
2020 Rubble, Solo exhibition and artist talk, Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society
2020 Feels, solo exhibition, DesignTO Festival, Toronto, ON
2020 Placement travelling exhibition, Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society
2019 Co-organizer/Juror, New Vernacular – A Canadian Jewellery Conversation panel talk/exhibition, Consulate General of Canada in New York, New York, NY
2019 Curator, Skew-Whiff exhibition, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON
2019 Feels, Solo exhibition, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON
2018-2019 Exhibition programming juror, Montomery’s Inn Museum, Etobicoke, ON
2018 Writer, exhibition text, Skin by Tamika Knutson, ODD Gallery, Dawson City, YT
2016-2017 Artist-in-Residence, Centre for Craft, Craft Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS